Fairy Glen, Skye. Scotland. 2017



Jena Richardson is a Baltimore filmmaker, an IATSE 487 Mid-Atlantic Studio Technician and a Artist-in-Residence at Towson University’s department of Electronic Media & Film.

Creating has always been the metronome to Jena’s life. A drummer since she was a toddler and a amateur photographer not soon after, she has always had a fascination for capturing stories and marching to her own rhythm. 

While studying film in undergrad Jena received a scholarship to study filmmaking in Leeds, England. She was able to spend a semester studying light & shadow and its role in narrative filmmaking while immersing herself in a new culture and unfamiliar environment. This experience quickly became the glue that would tie together all of her passions:

To tell stories rooted in light and truth.

Her current documentary work is focused on illuminating stories of minority groups in the Baltimore community.